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Create your own Opportunities

  • TrustM2M has several main features that are paramount in helping our members be successful.  The Readers Digest version is this.  Free Advertising.  Free Business Directory for your church or group, we call them Communities.  The ability to create your own part time or full time business, with, again, free advertising.  A free classifieds advertising page similar to Craigslist, but with no anonymity.  And lots more, but this is the Readers Digest version.   


    The best use of TrustM2MA Church Business Directory


    When TrustM2M matures every "Community" will have a Business Directory, Classified Ads page, Personal referrals page, and a main communications page, among others. The communities will be made up of people who share a common denominator, like a church or school, or union.  So, for example, right now there is an Abundant Life Church Community. This community is made up of people who attend Abundant Life Church.  It is a closed community meaning that you must consider Abundant Life Church your primary church family to join this community and enjoy the benefits of free advertising on their Business Directory.  The reason for this is to create a trusted network of people who can depend on each other for support.  I want to support my church family.  Unfortunately, Abundant Life Church is so big that I can't know every single person there personally.  I don't know who has a business or sellable skills that I need and/or use. I can't support them because I don't know about them.   With TrustM2M I can find them, support them, and they can do the same for me.  Like all church families, the family is made up of real people with real needs.  If the family members are suffering, the whole family suffers.  Judging by the amount of prayer requests coming in our family is in great need right now.  Another great advantage of having a trusted community is the ability to create your own part time or full time job doing something, anything, that you're good at.  Opportunity to create wealth in America are as vast as peoples imaginations.


    Two examples!


     Here are two real examples of people I know of, doing something creative to create their own prosperity.  Keep in mind though, these are just two, of millions, of ideas.  I have a friend at work who wanted to make some extra income in his part time.  For less than $80 he went to Home Depot and purchased everything he needed, initially, to wash windows and started his own window washing business.  Now, after building up his clientele he can make $50 an hour working only the hours he chooses.  He crafted a business that fits in with his primary full time job and can now virtually make money any time he wishes.  Another person I know of, through her flyer, does Costco Shopping for her client's.  She charges $25 per delivery plus the cost of the order.  What makes her unique is this.  She will split multi packs on popular items and sell you only the amount of product you want.  Like toilet paper or Advil.  I assume she then sells the rest to other customers.  That's thinking outside the box.  Very unique.  I mean who really need 1000 tablets of Advil, or three months worth of toilet paper?  Anyways, these are just two examples of ideas.  Maybe your talent is baking wedding cakes, or auto repair.  The point is, I believe everyone could do something if they were willing to take the risk, and had a community that was willing to give them an opportunity.