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What is TrustM2M about?

  • What is Trust member 2 member all about?  I asked myself this question almost from day one.  In it's simplest's about sharing information!  Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.  Cliché, yes, but true none the less.  Example.  I know a few things that have saved me money, lots of it in fact.  Conversely there have been many times when a mere scrape of information could have saved me lots of money, time, frustration, and pain.  This is true for all of us.   Think about it.  Have you have ever taken your car to the wrong auto repair shop?  If so you have gained significant cost, frustration, and pain.  Have you ever taken your finances to the wrong financial planner?  I'm guessing it makes going to the wrong auto repair shop seem like a none event.  The examples on both sides of my statement are endless. Which brings me back to the primary purpose of M2M, to collect and share trusted information from people you know.  I'm talking about the best type of information.  Word of mouth, first hand, personal experience information. To me, there's none better!